Starting A New Journey with ABFE

Starting A New Journey with ABFE

For some, starting fresh is a way of keeping things interesting; for others, beginning a new journey is not always a choice. Either way, it is essential for individuals to feel prepared and embrace their ever-changing lives. Australian Bush Flower Essences are on hand to detail the significance of starting a new journey and list the healing essences readily available to assist you in changing times. 

The Significance of a New Journey

Embarking on a new journey can be undoubtedly intimidating; however, individuals will have difficulty developing their lives and their character if they always stay safe in the same place. A brand new start can be exciting and challenging - both of which contribute to our overall sense of accomplishment and self-satisfaction. 

Types of New Journeys 

Whilst there is an incredible range of new journeys each individual endures throughout their life, the following fresh starts are the most experienced by all: 

A Change of Environment: Whether you are moving house or starting a new life overseas, changing your environment is the foundation of a new journey. Upon relocating, you may experience feelings of being unsure, anxiety, or perhaps isolation. However, these are no match for the unrelenting sense of accomplishment, independence and motivation you will feel. 

A New Job: From a change of company to starting a new career, when beginning a new job, you will be faced with the challenges of settling in, establishing yourself within the business, meeting new people and learning your day to day tasks. Whilst these obstacles of your new journey maybe intimidating; it is important to embrace change and progress as an individual. 

Family Changes: From newborns to welcoming new in-laws, a shift in family dynamics is inevitable in life; however, no less daunting and impactful. 

ABFE Products For When Starting A New Journey

Boost: This powerful essence helps individuals feel safe, calm, resilient, grounded and balanced. As ‘Boost’ will support you when feeling overly sensitive to others or to the negative energies of situations or environments.

Transition: can help you cope and move through any major life change. For awareness of your life direction especially when at a crossroad. If you know what you want but are not sure how to achieve it, this remedy essence could be of benefit.

Bottlebrush: Perfect for those struggling with maternal anxieties, retirement, adolescence, menopause and more. This essence is specifically formulated to combat the overwhelming nature of significant life changes. Bottlebrush ‘brushes’ out the past and enables individuals to reconnect with their senses, move on and cope with grace. 

Freshwater Mangrove: can help open you up to new paradigms of thinking. Just because something seemed impossible yesterday it doesn’t mean that it will not be practical tomorrow. This essence can help you shift your perception and open your heart and eyes to the beauty of the world.  

Bauhinia: Bauhinia frees individuals from their resistance to change and opens them to accept and be open to change  before it happens. By embracing new concepts and ideas, this powerful essence can open your mind to the world’s possibilities and let both love and acceptance into your heart. 

Abund: This powerful synergetic remedy helps individuals consumed with negativity, pessimism, and it allows you to be open to fully receiving great riches on all levels, not just financial.. The Abund Essence halts self-sabotaging habits, enabling individuals to feel joy in sharing, content in their belongings and environment - ultimately encouraging a richer, fruitful life. 

Embarking on a new life journey can sometimes be daunting. With the powerful remedies from Australian Bush Flower Essences, you can embrace change and lessness any reservations, to open both your heart and mind to the kaleidoscope of opportunities and joy life has to offer. Find your essence rich in natural healing properties at 

With deep respect, love and light,


The ABFE Team UK