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The most important healing quality of the Madagascar Essence is its potential for the removal of limiting beliefs around our health and wellbeing that we absorb from mass consciousness. Examples of this are the conditioning and belief that as we get older our minds and bodies will deteriorate and that we only have 70 years of life, the three score and ten syndrome. These have become concrete limitations firmly embedded in mass consciousness. Humanity has forgotten and needs to be reminded, that living 70 years is only half of the man’s natural life cycle.
Everyone is influenced by and part of mass consciousness as soon as they incarnate. Disease, whether physical, emotional or mental, occurs as a result of incarnating into the mass consciousness of humanity. Our thoughts, emotional responses and beliefs, all of which can create disease, are primarily coming from and/or greatly influenced by our connection to mass consciousness.
Humanity veered away from the original blueprint of being in balance and harmony with nature, animals and other people, and instead created disease, alienation, mass consciousness and being out of balance.

Positive Outcome

  • Allows you to detach from mass consciousness and its predilections for disease.
  • Helps you find the freedom to choose whatever you want to without conditioning.
  • Creates a sacred inner space of peace, harmony and balance.
  • Clears the lower three chakras enabling an easier transfer of energy to the higher chakras, thereby assisting you to become at one with your divine essence.
  • Enables you to focus on essentials, make sense of your life and thus know exactly what to do.
  • Removes alienation, not only from each other but also from animals and the land, replacing this with a connected gentleness and harmony.
  • Activates the highest possibility of every aspect of you.

There are many methods of healing specific illnesses, but before any method can be totally successful there has to be the eradication of the predilection for disease. The Madagascar Essence will not cure every disease; it is curing the predilection for disease. You would then use another remedy for whatever the specific energetic situation is that needs rebalancing or realigning.
If a person has removed themselves from the predilection for illness, they can put themselves right back into it if they are involved with an organisation, philosophy or religion which is full of rigid dogma that tells them how to think and behave and discourages questioning, learning and exploration.
Removing the predilection for disease creates a sacred inner space of peace, harmony and balance, giving you a perfect state of alignment from which all things are possible so you can choose whatever you want to, without conditioning. This removal clears the lower three chakras enabling an easier transfer of energy to the higher chakras. This will assist you to become at one with your divine essence and activate the highest possibility of every aspect of you.

Preparation of Dosage Bottles
Place seven (7) drops of Stock Essence into a 15ml dropper bottle or fourteen (14) drops into a 30ml dropper bottle filled with 1/3 brandy and 2/3 purified water.

Recommended Dosage: Seven (7) drops on rising and retiring for a minimum of two weeks.

  • High quality vegan ingredients.
  • Ethically sourced.
  • Cruelty free, not tested on animals.
  • No GMOs.
  • Australian-Made.
  • Safe for the whole family.
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