Father's Day

Father's Day

Father’s Day Essence Highlight

With Father’s Day fast approaching in the UK, we want to share with you the best products for the men in your life. Here at Australian Bush Flower Essences, we know the power and importance of family with our essences coming from 5th generation herbalist Ian White - We understand the value of familial bonds. Find our selection of products below, the perfect gifts for father figures.

Red Helmet Orchid

Best used for strengthening the bond between father and child, Red Helmet Orchid helps with forming respect for authority figures and consideration of others. It encourages the adaptation and evolution needed to develop healthy relationships. Red Helmet Orchid can help you leave behind negative relationships and form new ones.

Black-Eyed Susan

For the busy on-the-go fathers, Black-Eyed Susan helps them unwind and make time for the things that matter most in life. Appreciate relaxing sundays and family time by turning your focus in-ward and learning to be still in the fast-paced world. Take a step back, breathe, and rejoice in the moment.

Men’s Essence

It can be common for men to find it hard to express emotions and process grief in a healthy way. Men’s essence uses the properties of our other essences including Bluebell and Boab, to help those with busy lifestyles avoid the frustration that is experienced alongside it. Find the balance between a busy lifestyle and having time to stay in touch with your emotions.

Flannel Flower

This Essence is for people who are uncomfortable with emotional intimacy as well as physical contact and touching. Being closed-off and cold are less desirable traits, especially when you are in a relationship, whether that be platonic or romantic. Flannel Flower can help you enjoy closeness and express emotional vulnerability - take control of your emotions and share them with others to feel closer.


Boab is the perfect Essence to help clear negative family patterns from being taken on by the next generation of children. This Essence is great to help clear passed-on negative male stereotypes around violence, inability to open the heart, nurture and express feelings.

Read this great extract from Ian below commenting on men’s relationships with their fathers -

‘There's a story I tell of a man in his early 30s ringing his parents, who live on the other side of the country. His father, who is the main person he is ringing to speak to, answers his call. After saying, “Hi son, I'll get your mum for you” the son tells his father that he's ringing to speak to him, to which his father replies “Are you in trouble son?” The son replies that he's been reflecting on his life and all the things that his father has done for him, helped shape and make him who he is and that he's ringing to thank his Dad.  He finishes by saying, “And what I really want to tell you is that I love you”. There is a long silence at the other end of the line and then the father says, “Have you been drinking son?”

This story always gets a good laugh at the workshop, but it's tinged with sadness as well because so many people in the audience can relate this all too well to either their own father or to many other men they know.’

Let’s all take a moment to tell our father figures how much we love them.

Much Love, Light, and Respect - ABFE Team UK