How Can I Be Happier? – With AusFlowers UK

How Can I Be Happier? – With AusFlowers UK

Naturally, we are always looking for ways to feel happier. When life feels positive, it makes it easier to build strong relationships, tackle difficult tasks, and think logically and optimistically.

Not only can Bush Essences help you unlock inner happiness, but also mind-set and lifestyle improvements can change your outlook on happiness. We have combined our knowledge of the power of flower essences, alongside our understanding of personal desires and needs to create this guide to being happier.

Give Selflessly

It is natural for humans to act selfishly in order to put their own happiness first. However, if you begin to give more than you expect to receive, then you will adopt a new energy. By acting selflessly towards others, you will feel as if you are improving the happiness in the lives of others, therefore giving you the feeling of pride, and in turn, happiness towards your own actions. 

If you struggle with a selfish nature that lacks compassion, try Sydney Rose to improve your willingness to show love and support towards others. While Bluebell opens the heart and brings joyful sharing and belief in abundance.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

It is common for us to forget to prioritise our sleep when life becomes busy. However, the best way to transform a chaotic life that can leave you feeling overwhelmed and negative is to give your body the chance to rest and recuperate. In order to grasp the best every day has to hold, your body and mind needs to feel energised. It is important to adopt healthy habits such as shutting off your phone at night and committing to fewer late-night plans.

By gaining a better-quality sleeping pattern, learning how to feel happy will become easier. If you find it difficult to relax into a state of quality sleep, we suggest Calm and Clear to bring you a sense of stillness and unlock a level of inner peace. 

Do The Things You Love

If you find it difficult to enjoy the things you love due to the judgements of others then try Fringed Violet. It can be challenging to step out of your comfort zone and leave the negatives in your life behind you whilst on the journey to happiness. One big factor that affects people’s happiness is a lack of career fulfilment.

If you want to take control of your happiness, you need the courage to leave negative situations that do not bring you inspiration. This not only applies to significant life changes, but also things as small as joining groups that celebrate your hobbies or adopting new interests.

To help you feel confident in new decisions, try Confid to release your own ability and power of intuition to be true to yourself. For enjoyment of life, energy and enthusiasm, try Banksia Robur , and if you are too serious and need to release the child within and be more carefree and playful, try Little Flannel Flower Essence.

Be Around Those You Love

Just because you have long-standing relationships, doesn’t mean that they are positive. The length of a relationship doesn't reflect its quality. To find your own happiness, you should firstly start with yourself and look at how you relate to those closest to you.

Aim to make your interaction with others you love a positive experience, turning criticisms into a ‘wish list’ and focus on desired outcomes. Then identify those who lift you up and make you feel positive, and don’t be afraid to distance yourself with those who do not benefit your life and your direction. 

It is proven that we grasp our inspiration and habits from those close to us. By surrounding yourself with happy and positive relationships, you will adopt a similar energy of positive thoughts.

If you lack the courage to leave the past behind you, try Confid Essence and Red Grevillea for strength to leave unpleasant situations or when feeling stuck and too reliant on others, and  Sunshine Wattle to allow yourself to be open to a bright future and see the beauty and joy of the present.

If you have used our Essences to transform your outlook on life and pursue a journey of a happier life, then let us know. We’d love to hear your stories of success and self-growth.

For some inspiring daily happiness tips check out London-based charity