How to Cleanse Your Body Gently

How to Cleanse Your Body Gently

The health of our mind, body and soul go hand in hand impacting our emotional state and overall well being - when one aspect is compromised, all others will soon be influenced. For this reason, ABFE is on hand to discuss the significance of caring for your ‘whole self’ - mind, body and soul; and how to cleanse your body gently at this time of year.

Cleansing Your Mind

Amongst the chaos of everyday life, our minds can become overwhelmed with information and hung up on that which is out of our control. Even when trying to get some rest, we often face thousands of thoughts racing throughout our heads. 

Without taking good care of our minds, our thoughts can turn against us and impact our day-to-day lives and how we interact with others. For this reason, many individuals seek to cleanse their minds - to best compartmentalise their thoughts and feel more at one with themselves. 

To truly feel the benefits of detoxing the mind, your efforts should be exercised over a few weeks. The following practises are proven to make us feel better: 

  • Spend less time on technology 
  • Get some fresh air 
  • Exercise
  • Get organised 
  • Clean your living space

The ‘Water Essence’ from the ABFE collection is very nurturing and cleansing. Encourages us all to be more open to receiving and trusting of ourselves and feel our inner love vibration that surrounds us. This Essence enables us to find the inner stillness in which to experience our feelings fully and achieve emotional harmony. It creates the deep knowing that whatever challenge that one is encountering, you will be alright and helps one from staying emotionally closed off after a negative or traumatic experience. 

Cleansing Your Body 

Cleansing the body goes further than aiding weight loss. Rejuvenating the body can positively impact the appearance of our skin, energy levels, focus, self-image and overall bodily function. 

Cleansing the body is an ongoing practice. Although an indulgent treat or wild weekend does not warrant severe discipline, it can impact your body and the way you feel. Therefore it is best to be self-aware and accountable; to not compromise your detoxing efforts. Bodily Cleanses can be achieved by the following: 

  • Cut out alcohol 
  • Eating a healthy, balanced diet
  • Exercising
  • Drinking plenty of water 
  • Focusing on quality sleep  

ABFE has an extensive range of products to assist in cleansing the body. 

Purifying Essence is the best formula to release and clear emotional waste and residual by-products, to clear built-up emotional baggage. The Purifying Essence is a good helper for all the major organs of elimination, working to detox the associated emotions linked to a specific organ.. For example the flower ‘Dagger Hakea’ in the Purifying Essence helps to release resentment - the emotion associated with this organ is the liver.

The ‘Green Essence’ helps by harmonising any internal yeast, mould and parasites to the same vibration as one’s body. It should be taken orally for a minimum two week period, five drops 3 times a day, five minutes before meals.

Cleansing Your Soul

Our souls are the spirit of our emotions, intensity and intellectual energies. As all of life at its core is energy, a soul is the whole of this energy. Thought to be the immortal part of our mortal being, our souls must be cared for to the best of our ability. 

Amongst the demanding, competitive, and often draining aspects of daily life, our spirit can become depleted - ultimately influencing our zest and lust for life. For this reason, many individuals often seek to cleanse their souls. This can be achieved through: 

  • Meditation 
  • Burning healing incense
  • Immersing yourself in nature 
  • Practising self-love 
  • Taking a healing bath 

Meditation Essence can help enhance access to the Higher Self whilst providing psychic protection and healing of the aura. Highly recommended for anyone practising meditation.

The Antarctic Essence brings both calm and tranquillity; enabling individuals to focus on what is most important in their lives. The powerful healing properties of the Arctic Essence work to release you from bonds of worry; encouraging a centred reality and state of harmonious timelessness. 

Deriving the healing properties of wild Australian Bush Flowers, ABFE is on hand with a collection of essences perfectly suited to all individuals. From Purifying to Dynamis and Meditation remedies to those on journeys to cleanse their minds, bodies and souls, there is an essence of all amongst the collection. For a step towards enlightened wellbeing, shop your essence today.