How To Get Motivated with ABFE

How To Get Motivated with ABFE

Our best intentions and progress in improving as individuals can become compromised by a lack or loss of motivation. Whilst losing a view of why we are doing something to positively improve ourselves and what exactly was keeping us motivated is something we all experience, all too often. For this reason, Australian Bush Flower Essences are on hand to detail the ways in which you can get motivated, and retain your momentum.

Whilst there is nothing like the motivation of entering a new year, our incentives to continue in our best practises ought to encourage us to exceed the month of January. Common goals requiring motivation include saving money, improving fitness, learning a new hobby and many more - each unique to every individual. Setting goals is a goal within itself, because of this individuals often lose motivation due to feeling overwhelmed by where to start.. 

Top Tips to Retaining Motivation 

Whilst goals and aspirations are unique to every person, the ways in which we can get motivated and retain motivation remain the same. ABFE’s top tips for motivation include: 

Set achievable goals: Remaining motivated is all about setting realistic goals for yourself. Remaining motivated and achieving your goals is all about balance. Start small. You ought to ensure that your new goals are not too disruptive to your existing daily routine - otherwise you will soon give them up all together! 

Break your goals down: Improving bit by bit will soon lead to progress and massive success overall. Breaking down your goals enables you to push yourself just enough to progress, without becoming overwhelmed and discouraged that you haven’t instantly aced your goal. To stay motivated in the long run, spend time reviewing your goals. 

Track your progress: Whether you are monitoring your fitness levels, documenting your weight loss or saving money, tracking the progress you have made is an incredible way to maintain motivation. 

Be accountable: Embarking on your goals with a friend, family member or professional such as a personal trainer is a great way to remain motivated and stick to your routine. A support network will ignite a competitive edge, encourage you to continue and congratulate you on your progress and success so far - ultimately helping you to find the motivation for the long term. 

ABFE Products for Motivation

Dynamis Essence: Available as Essence Drops or an Oral Spray, Dynamis helps individuals suffering from a loss of enthusiasm and drive in their day to day activities to renew their joy and zest for life. 

Boronia: Can greatly help improve and deepen creative visualisation where you can see and focus on achievements rather than on failure.

Jacaranda: Where energies are scattered and are easily distracted, this essence can help you focus and complete goals.

Kapok Bush: Individuals limited by a lack of drive to achieve their dreams out of fear they are too difficult will benefit significantly from the Kapok Bush Essence. Helping to improve individuals' perception and motivation to go out and get what they want, this powerful essence is perfect for motivating people and overcoming half-hearted feelings and giving up too easily.

Macrocarpa: Perfect for reigniting enthusiasm and improving emotional wellbeing, this Bush Essence helps to renew the inner strength and endurance of individuals who are feeling drained, jaded or worn out. 

Silver Princess: To help find direction and sense of purpose. Also once you complete your goal, to give the sense of the next step. 

Sundew: Perfect for indecisive and procrastinating individuals who are vague and lack attention to detail, this essence helps individuals to become more focused and grounded in order to live in the present. 

Retaining motivation is a demanding task in itself, however, with the help from the above practises and solutions from Australian Bush Flower Essences, it’s never been easier. Incorporating the above into your daily routine ensures the maintenance of your motivation, enabling you to be well on your way to achieving your personal goals. For more on the healing remedies available from ABFE, view our collection today!