Protecting our wellbeing in a turbulent climate

Protecting our wellbeing in a turbulent climate

In today's modern climate, many financial, political, and technological factors are sure to induce anxiety in individuals worldwide. Whilst we are becoming accustomed to these dangerously turbulent times, the repercussions of such tensions can be immense. Listening to our minds and bodies has never been so important. To award you peace of mind and reduce overwhelming feelings of anxiety, ABFE is on hand to detail how you can cope in the modern-day world. 

Tensions Causing Anxiety 

International Conflict: Between civil feuds and tensions overseas, International conflicts have been futile, devastating and undoubtedly present in our daily lives - defining political agendas and subsequently lives of millions in the decades that have passed. 

EMF’s and 5G Towers: The introduction of 5G towers rolled out in the UK when the world went into lockdown due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. The simultaneity of these two events stirred controversy around the globe, and research is showing a link between Stress and Anxiety and EMFs and 5G. Dr Magda Havas, PhD has unveiled 50+ years of research on EMFs. Protect yourself from the health impact from 5G Hazards. 

The Prospect of Nuclear War: Whilst international tensions have always been present, they have escalated recently in light of Vladimir Putin's instructed and unprecedented invasion of Ukraine - something that has incited much fear into European civilians, as the prospect of using Nuclear Weaponry has been repeatedly referenced by leaders and radicals in power. 

Financial Crisis: As of 2022, repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic, international conflict and government incompetence has propelled the UK into a 'Cost of Living Crisis' equivalent to our state post World War II. 


Maintaining Health and Wellbeing in a Tense Climate 

It is essential to take a moment to go within and discover where you don’t feel balanced. What emotions are you sensing right now? Where are your concerns, is it for yourself, loved ones or your community? Take the time to reconnect with your inner self. How does your physical body feel? Do you need to calm your mind? Consider what simple changes could you make to your lifestyle to improve your overall health and wellbeing?  

Reducing Anxiety with ABFE 

Fear may arise, but you need to know if it’s a useful fear or one which is not useful and which lowers your wellbeing. Emergency Essence can be very helpful. It contains; Grey Spider Flower to deal with fear and terror people may be experiencing; Fringed Violet to strengthen our psychic protection so we don’t pick up fears, frustration etc from others we come in contact with. So many people today, especially those born in this millennium are empaths and very sensitive to energies and vibration around them, so Fringed Violet may need to be used like an intravenous drip for the empaths at the moment; Waratah is working very much at the root chakra dealing with survival concerns as well as the third chakra to help empower. Crowea to help you in a state of balance and let go of worry and of course Sundew, to keep you grounded and in your body. 

Electro Essence from ABFE: is a powerful natural remedy that works to release uncomfortable feelings associated with earth's electrical and electromagnetic radiation - helping to bring one into balance with the natural rhythms of the planet.

* The Belarus Medical Report conducted by Green Cross in Belarus Hospital in 2003-2004 found that the best results were obtained by children taking Electro Essence for 2 weeks, which reduced stored radiation accumulated in the body by 43% - compared to the control group dropped by 3.5%, and the Spirulina group by 25%.

Boost Essence from ABFE: This remedy has been specifically formulated to support and boost you through changing and challenging situations - supporting your emotional health at times when you need it most; with courage to embrace life more fully and confidently; not taking on the emotions of others or negative energies of places and situations around you; and being more grounded and connected to Nature.

You may want to also regularly use Space Clearing Essence Mist as it purifies and releases environments of built up negative emotional, mental and psychic energies. Electro Pendants from ABFEOur Handcrafted Essence Pendants infused with powerful natural remedies to assist you emotionally in times of high tension and emotional unease. 

Meditation Essence: Meditation is a powerful practice that encourages mental clarity, spirituality and physical wellbeing. When practised in simultaneity with the Meditation Essence from ABFE, individuals can venture deeper into a protective space of spirituality and relaxation. 

Purifying Essence from ABFE: is a powerful remedy that helps support your emotional health by clearing emotional waste, releasing residual by-products and letting go of built-up emotional baggage. 

Potassium Iodine: The Thyroid Gland is the body part most sensitive to radioactive iodine. By consuming potassium iodide, whether in the form of tablets or food sources, radioactive iodine can be blocked from being absorbed by the thyroid. 

It is crucial to prioritise your physical and mental well-being in such unprecedented times. Australian Bush Flower Essences are on hand and equipped with an extensive range of natural healing remedies to assist you in your journey of wellness. Shop our range today! 

With much love, light and respect,