Supporting The Journey Of Motherhood - With AusFlowers UK

Supporting The Journey Of Motherhood - With AusFlowers UK

Motherhood is a beautiful journey that begins with the decision to start a family. The bond that a child brings between family members is cherished and loved as a new family is formed. Motherhood doesn’t just include caring for a child but also caring for yourself to strengthen and facilitate new loving relationships. Our Australian Bush Flower Essences  can help you find your balance and learn how to adapt whilst on your new journey as a family.


Beginning Your Family

When trying to conceive, it is a very exciting time, but can also cause many worries and place a strain on relationships as there is a lot of pressure on the woman and her body. It is important for couples to understand a woman’s intuition is always trusted when it comes to her own body and her natural fertility. To help enhance intuition, try Bush Fuchsia to make it easier to tune into your body and align your feelings around the best time to get pregnant.


Conceiving a Healthy, Happy Child

The birth of a child is the start of a new chapter in the lives of your family. It is important to build a happy, healthy environment to bring your child into. This involves removing all toxic energy and committing to working on a deep emotional level, rid of to release anger, resentment and guilt. To let go of old negativity and clear your life ready for the birth of a child, try Purifying Essence to embark on the journey of creating a new loving family.


Peaceful Birth

As the due date approaches, it can be a stressful time as the prospect of birth can cause anxiety and uncertainty. To ensure that both your mind and body are balanced following up to birth, we recommend regularly using our Calm and Clear Essence to feel well-rested and relaxed. These can be used leading up to and during the birth. A busy, long birth can cause a great amount of stress and trauma, keep Emergency Essence on hand to help. It is important to be in a space that feels balanced and harmonious. By spraying our Space Clearing Mist in the birthing room, it will clear heightened emotions and bring a sense of tranquillity that will allow you to ready yourself for the birth and to create a nurturing space to welcome your child.


The Beginning Of Motherhood

If there are any problems with the birth or baby that leads to the baby not being placed on the mother’s breast in the first 6 hours after the birth, then this can lead to problems with the bonding between the mother and baby, which can last for some years. Bottlebrush is fantastic in helping the mother and child bonding.

In the early months of motherhood, all emotions are heightened and it can sometimes be difficult to adapt to the beauty and turbulence of being a new mother. Many find it troublesome to neglect their routine to care for a child’s uncertain needs. Yellow Cowslip Orchid can help you to adapt to a new lifestyle that lacks structure and rules so that you relieve stress around a change in routine. When you have a new vulnerable child, it can be difficult to care for yourself as well as their needs. Philotheca Our new Carers Essence can help you realise the need for self-care to ensure that you are in the best emotional and physical state to care for your child in the best possible way.


Much Love, Light and Respect  - The ABFE Team