ABFE’s Natural Guide to Women's Health

ABFE’s Natural Guide to Women's Health

Between menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, medications, phthalates effect on hormones, and the stresses of everyday life, the strain on a woman's body is phenomenal. When seeking to better understand and improve your health as a woman, using natural solutions that will not have harsh implications on your body, look no further than 'The Natural Guide to Women's Health' from Australian Bush Flower Essences

Women's health

The nature of being a woman is incredibly demanding. As a minimum, our bodies are subject to a considerable number of hormonal changes in the lead up to and throughout our monthly menstruation. While these hormonal fluctuations and their physical and emotional implications are endured each month, they progressively change in significance throughout our lives and impact us in different ways, such as during puberty, pregnancy, menopause, and more. For this reason, taking care of your health as a woman is paramount. 

As a woman, it is a convention to be overprescribed with invasive birth control, painkillers for menstruation, mood stabilisers for menopause and various remedies for the harsh and demanding nature of carrying a child. 


The Significance Of Natural Products 

The powerful healing properties of natural products are often favoured amongst women as they will not compromise the effects of medications; nor inflict any additional manufactured chemicals onto the body. Natural products will work alongside prescribed medications, contributing to the overall sense of improvement in one's well being. 

ABFE Products For Women's Health

Women Essence: Additionally available as an Oral Spray, Cream and Space Mist, this powerful Essence encourages a woman to feel good about herself, her body and beauty - whilst working to harmonise any emotional imbalances experienced by a woman throughout menstruation and menopause. 

Mumma Mojo Essence: A much-needed flower remedy for mothers needing a little bit more oomph, resilience, peace, and renewal. Quite importantly it also helps a mother to pay attention to and look after her own needs, not just her family’s.

She-OakMade from the female tree of the species, this Essence is beneficial in overcoming emotional imbalances and bringing about a sense of wellbeing in females, and relieves any feelings of discomfort in regards to infertility. When used in conjunction with Flannel Flower, the She-Oak essence will help remove karmic patterns hindering the conception of a child.

Pink Flannel Flower: The power of the Pink Flannel Flower allows a woman to be in a state of gratitude for all aspects of her life and for what they are experiencing around them in their day to day life. This powerful Essence helps to bring about an appreciation of life and allows one to take both delight and pleasure in the little things, to see and be aware of the blessings of every moment.

When looking to expand your knowledge on natural women's health, the above products from the Australian Bush Flower Essences' collection of remedies are yours to utilise. Each powerful Essence has been specifically formulated to work harmoniously with the female body - to encourage a greater sense of well being. To further explore the extensive range of remedies available from ABFE, visit the website today.