Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones - From Australian Bush Flower Essences

Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones - From Australian Bush Flower Essences

Do you know someone who loves natural and organic products? A gift from Australian Bush Flower Essences, is a gift for the mind, body, and soul. Give the gift of balance and rejuvenation by treating a loved one to one of our carefully crafted products - we have a selection of gifts with the power to restore peace, love, and light.


Hold the power of our essences close to the heart with our new pendants. Created using beautiful medical-grade hand-blown glass, our pendants come in a variety of shapes and colours suitable for both adults and children. Each glass piece contains carefully chosen essences to provide a different effect for the wearer. Not only do these harness the power of flower essences, they are also a gorgeous accessory that can be worn daily as a statement jewellery piece. View the collection here.

Organic Essence Creams

If you know someone who loves our essence drops, then why not gift them a cream infused with their favourite essence. Our creams are vegetarian, cruelty free, and from all natural ingredients, - all the luxury of quality skincare, naturally and responsibly made. Select the best gift from our selection below - 

Emergency - For times of emotional turbulence, this is excellent for listless and problem skin, and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.. Nurturing and balancing the skin and provides rich moisturisation for skin requiring an intensive organic skincare treatment. 

Calm and Clear - Skin soothing and clarifying organic formulation with profoundly emollient qualities when you and your skin require soothing. This was made for those who are constantly under pressure (which is reflected by their skin condition), looking to slow down and re-focus on themselves.

Body Beautiful - Show praise to your body and to your being with the Body Beautiful Essence cream, which will help you learn to love and accept yourself while offering your skin intense moisture that will smooth fine lines and stressors so that you may feel and trust in your own beauty, wIth divine aromas of rose, lavender and geranium.

Woman - The all natural ingredients and blend of Australian Bush Flower Essences Woman remedy offer intensive moisture and a sense of emotional wellbeing, perfectly suited for women throughout their menstrual cycles or through menopause so you can improve the look of your skin and feel beautiful inside and out.

Travel - This organic remedy allows you to arrive feeling ready-to-go after all forms of travel. It  protects and hydrates your skin even in dry and stuffy environments, including offices, cars and planes. Natural botanical butters, oils, and extracts work to help keep your skin radiant and your mind calm.

Looking for the perfect gift? Take a look at our website to view our selection of products. Give the gift of natural flower essences.

Peace, Love, and Light - ABFE